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How to prepare for a ThetaHealing® session?

To prepare for your ThetaHealing® consultation session all you need to do is decide what it is about your

life that you’d like to change or what your goal is for the session. For example, are you seeking better health?

More prosperity? A loving, nurturing and supportive partner? You may also want to ask yourself

“if I could change or improve any aspect of my life, what would it be?”

From a physical perspective ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. Choose a quiet place where you will

not be disturbed during your session. It is also essential that you drink water before, during, and after the session to enhance and facilitate the healing process and the muscle testing.

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Brilliance Package 10 theta healing online sessions


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What happens during a ThetaHealing® session?

As your ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I guide you to a meditative state where

you can feel relaxed to start looking at the things you need to work on.

The session usually begins with “digging” in ThetaHealing®, which is a technique to uncover the

key belief at the root which will enable the issue to be shifted right from the core. It is helpful

to visualize the belief system as a tower of blocks. The bottom or root belief is the key

belief that is holding the rest of the beliefs up.

To find if a person has certain belief programs, I use a simple method called ‘muscle testing’.

Much like kinesiology this tells me what programs the person does or does not have.

Our body responds positively to a positive and negatively

to a negative belief.


We will explore how holding

onto this belief is

serving you


I then clear these beliefs and replace them with new empowering, positive beliefs. As the practitioner,

I access the theta brainwave and can change those beliefs instantly through source energy. I will

always request your permission before I make any changes.

This will help remove the blockage of negative memories, stress, or past traumas

that have been holding you back or feeling stuck.

We will finish the session with new feeling downloads for you. By downloading new feelings

into every cell of your body you will be able to learn these feelings in seconds, which might otherwise

take lifetimes to learn. The muscle testing at the end is a confirmation for you

that the previous beliefs have changed.

Most clients will experience changes or shifts within one session. However, sometimes the belief systems

around the issue are more complex and need deeper belief work done over several sessions

to achieve the desired outcome.

An appointment will generally last for an hour and will take place over Zoom or Skype.

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Additional Benefits of ThetaHealing® 
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  • A feeling of relief knowing that a weight has lifted from your physical and  subconscious mind.

  • More self-confidence

  • Letting go of addictions

  • Breaking free from depression

  • Puts an end to fears and phobias

  • Feel healthier and stronger

  • Helps with physical illnesses

  • Treats emotional problems and trauma

  • Releases stress, anxieties, and worries.

  • Ability to reprogram the subconscious mind

  • Can help to find your soulmate or to show how  to make the existing love last

  • Personal self-development and spiritual growth

  • Used in conjunction with conventional medicine

  • Immediate results which are noticeable in      your life

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