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About Me
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My journey to become a Theta Healer practitioner started with practicing Tibetan

Buddhist meditation in my twenties. Over time, I applied what learned from the teachings into my daily life and explored further healing techniques that set me on a personal journey. It led me to more self-development to be able to tackle life's abundant challenges.

My teachers were UK and USA - based healing practitioners. I have changed and improved the

quality of  my life immensely. Finding my own inner peace and calmness gave me sufficient confidence

in myself  and my life. When one improves the inner

self, it improves our outward reflection of the world

too. I came   to see the positive things, to recognise

the abundance around me and most importantly,

how to channel them.

In recent years, my discovery and my experience of ThetaHealing® has had an even more profound effect.  It quickly shifted and changed my mindset and my outlook to a deeper level. Hence, I decided

to become a ThetaHealing® practitioner to benefit others. My aim is to show and to help my clients

how to improve and to advance their lives. Once one improves their inner self the outward reflection

of the world changes as well.


I have come to see the holistic perspective of life. To recognise that there is abundance all around us

and mainly, how to channel it. Also, I am a qualified Morphic Field, Akashic Record and an Access Consciousness practitioner.


I strive in aiding my clients to live life again to its fullest, for everyone to be the best and the most joyful version of themselves. I can’t wait to help your brilliance shine 🌟

Much Love and Blessings,


Are you ready for a new adventure?

Do you want more out of life?


What would it take for you to be more fulfilled in your career,

your relationships or your finances?

The day you wake up and think, “I am worthy of more” is the day your life will change.

Your entire life can change in an instant with the choices you make. 

Unlock your full potential by shifting your mindset

for abundance in all areas of your life.

Live a life you truly love and you are meant to live. 


This is your opportunity. 

The gap between where you are right now and who you are destined to become, that potential already

exists within you. It’s not visible to you right now, because it got covered with belief systems, through traumas, throughout the years, and your life experience wore you down and you started to forget how magnificent you are.

Negative self-talk will only prevent you from uncovering how to reconnect with yourself. If you start asking yourself empowering questions, your brain will look for answers and find solutions.



I show you how to identify

and remove your limiting

beliefs and habits that are

holding you back from

shining your light

What we attract into our life is created based on our beliefs. Are your thoughts healthy and inspiring

you to be a better version of yourself? Our limiting beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves about who

we are. They aren’t true and can be replaced with empowering beliefs. Change your mindset to change

your results. So you don’t just believe that you are worthy and deserving of living the life you dream of,

you know it!

As a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner, I serve as a catalyst to transform your limiting beliefs into empowering ones. Instead of being ruled by fear or doubt, you will feel empowered by confidence and positivity. I will help you to reconnect with your true self through reprogramming your mindset, letting

go of stress, mid-life crisis, and past traumatic experiences to begin living a more purposeful life that you

love and you truly deserve. 


Imagine what life would feel like if you were truly and harmoniously aligned with your inner self and to

all your positive surroundings? You deserve a more fulfilling, peaceful, and joyous life so it's time to let yourself be that way now.


If you can dream it,

you can do it.

You are worthy and deserve to “Shine your Brilliance” 

Are you ready to start empowering yourself to be your best?

A ThetaHealing® session with me will be a peaceful and grounding experience.

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