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It's time to reconnect to
your true self

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Are you feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job ?

Do you feel unsupported in your relationship or friendships?

You could even be experiencing anxiety or depression?

These are symptoms that are telling you

it’s time to discover how to reconnect with yourself.

Would you like to know how to access your internal wisdom.

Knowing that everything you are and need is already within you

therefore nothing is missing?

How can I help you?

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About Me

I am an Intuitive Energy Healer from England, who is helping you change

and reprogram your mindset in a fast

and efficient way so that you can let go

of old stories and programs which are holding you back and preventing more love, wellbeing, happiness and prosperity

to enter your life. 

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1 hour



shine healing sessions



any area of your life

in 5 x 60-minute

Private Sessions

brilliance healing package


Redefine several

aspects of your life 

in 10 x 60-minute

Private Sessions

To find out more about the sessions

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What others are saying ...

My challenge was that I did not feel ready for a mature partner. My self-worth was low and I constantly found reasons why things would not work out for me. I felt inferior and helpless in relationships. After 2 Theta healing sessions, I felt much more empowered and ready to just be and enjoy myself, spending alone time without the permanent approval and attention of my partner. I was able to just be the woman I am supposed to be and able to relax with it. I discovered myself and my own way of how I am and act in my relationship, I was even able to detect my own sabotaging behaviour - and change it around. Feeling definitely less insecure now and I am finally in a healthy, happy, and committed relationship with a partner who is on the same level as me. I am able to relax more and more, feeling much better about love and save in my own skin. 

I am not freaking out anymore by the slightest change in plans and can trust that I am a loving woman and a great partner. This changed my behaviour big time in my daily life.

- Nuekhet W.

I had a Theta healing session with Claudia & I just wanted to share what an amazing experience it was. I had been feeling really blocked & stuck & although I kinda knew what I needed to do I just couldn’t fathom out how.  Claudia helped me to shift some of my most toxic limiting beliefs in a simple but effective way which has just helped me to change the way I’m viewing my world, enabling me to choose love, joy & abundance instead. Sometimes it’s just the energy piece that’s missing when we’re doing all the other work. And it was all via zoom, which I have to say I was slightly skeptical that energy work would translate via technology but it does! Thank you Claudia!

- Alex M.

My session with Claudia was so beautiful. I instantly felt that I could trust her and opened up to her about things I’ve never shared with anyone. Through the whole process I felt supported and Claudia made sure to let me know I was in control of the session and would always ask my permission before diving deeper.  She has a calm infectious energy that you can’t help but want to be around and already I feel so much lighter. I highly recommend booking a session with Claudia to clear your energy blocks and tune into the magic that is you

- Ella S.

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Gratitude brings

Abundance and Happiness

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